Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Author Process Interview Series Featuring Leona Bushman

Hello Leona Bushman and thank you, for stopping by on my blog today for my Behind the Scenes: Author Process Interview series. I hope you found my questions thought provoking and I hope my readers will find a glimpse into the author's mind thought-provoking and educational.

Writing Routines/Mechanics

  1. What type of software do you use to write? On what type of device do you do your writing? (example: laptop, tablet, phone, paper/pen, etc.) I use word. I've tried others, but yeah. Laptop, usually. I love me a good notebook and pen.

  1. Do you have a writing routine? How often do you write? No. I wish. I used to. I was more productive then.

  1. When you sit down to write about how many words do you write in one sitting? In a day? In a week? If I'm having a good day, 7k isn't unheard of. I'm supposed to be writing 3k a day. *growls at self*

  1. Do you use outlines? Are you a pantser or outliner? Can you do both? Pantser I'm having to be a little of both in my War of the Weres series as I had to do up a proposal. Thankfully, I lost a lot of my notes... LOL

  1. How many works-in-progress do you have stored on your computer right now? Please don't make me count...

  1. How many pieces are you currently working on right now? See answer above...
  2. Do you have another job besides writing? Do you consider writing a full time job, part time job, hobby, chore? Right now, I have three full time jobs: being a wife and mother, writing, and editing.

Writing Inspirations/Process

  1. How do you come up with story ideas? Seriously, I'll be sitting there and ideas will bombard me. I got a headache about 2 weeks ago because a 7 series book of novels flew into my head. I will be writing them soon as they won't shut up. First, must get out two more for the War of the Weres series

  1. How do you feel about the "write what you know" saying? True? Haahahaha only if you know any werewolves. You need to expand your horizons.

  1. What do you come up with first, plot or characters? It's happened to me both ways. But if the characters aren't clear, I'm definitely not writing the plot.
  2. Do you completed a first draft and then revise or do you revise as you go? Since becoming an editor? Both lol

  1. How many re-writes do you do prior to submitting a story? LOL depends on how close to deadline it is :D

  1. How much research do you do prior to starting a story? How much research do you do as you go? Where do you do your most research at? For heaven's sake, before?? LOL actually, I've got a huge file in my yahoo on Anne Bolyn. I want to do an historical from that time period. I genuinely like history, so I don't "do" research. I also like knowledge, so if I find something interesting, I look it up. It means I need less priory research and only some for specifics during most books.

  1. People say that in order to write, you must read a lot. How much do you read? Do you read the genre you write? YES READ A LOT. I can't read a different genre than the one I'm currently writing, even though I do a ton of reading.

  1. Do you include prologues in your stories? Do you like prologues? Love me a good prologue. I've done a few.


  1. Do you seek out a publisher call for a certain type of story and then write that story, or do you write a story and then find a publisher? I've done both, but as time constraints hit, I end up writing to calls LOL
  2. Do you have pen name? (Don't worry, not asking you to share your real name.) How did you pick your pen name? What made you decide to have a pen name? LJ Bushman. Just to differentiate it from my Romances.
  1. How do you feel about reviews? Do you read your reviews? How do you move on from a horrible review? Love good reviews. If it's legit, I learn from it. If it's someone on a hate for romance books, I ignore it.

  1. Do you have a blog and/or website? How do you think having a blog and/or website helps you? (Feel free to include links.) I'm thinking it helps. I'm not as active on my blog and I think my sales are suffering from that. www.lbushman.blogspot.com

  1. How many publishers are you published with? Will be two in October.

  1. Do you think more publishers is better, or is it better to stay with one? If you are published with more than one publisher, did you start with one and then move to another? How did that work? Or do you plan on being published with multiple publishers? I use one for my romance, and one for my non romance.

  1. Are you self-published or published through a publisher? Which experience do you prefer? Both, definitely. Why? Lots more support, even from the small ones I went with. Friendly, etc. And you have an author network.

  1. Ebooks vs. paperback vs. hard cover? Your thoughts. PAPER>

  1. Any tips on writing a synopsis? Don't unless they make you.

  1. Any tips on writing a good blurb? Yeah, write it and let your editor take it from there. I'm much better at helping other's with theirs than doing my own.

Writing Genres/Heat Levels

  1. What genres do you write now? What genres would you like to write/branch out to in the future? Paranormal, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy. More mystery and sci-fi. Oh and I have a steampunk nearly ready.

  1. There are lots of genres and sub-genres nowadays. More than there used to be. Do you feel familiar with them all? How do you keep up with the ever expanding dictionary of genres/sub-genres? I'll never be completely familiar with them as the definitions seem to change more than my kid does.

Writing: Types of Stories

  1. What length of stories do you write? Do you find certain lengths of stories sell better than others? Do you prefer to write a certain length over others? Whatever blows my hair back. I do prefer longer ones.

  1. Free reads. Do you think they bring in more readers? (Feel free to include a link.) I hope so as I'm going to be writing a few soon. 
  2. Have you written any pieces in an anthology? Does it help get more readers to standalone books? Do you think anthologies sell well? Hahahah I have my fourth anthology coming out September 25th lol I think it helped my sales a lot. I think it'll continue to do so as people pick it up for A author, but find they liked D author (hopefully me ;) ) and go and buy it.

Writing Background

  1. How many stories have you written? How many published stories have you written? (Feel free to include buy links here.) uh.... *head explodes* Will include links of latest bits  http://www.breathlesspress.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=Leona+Bushman&x=21&y=12
  2. What type of formal training have you had with writing? Do you think it has helped or hindered you? I've had English classes in college and took college levels in high school. I think they help immensely.

Writing Support Groups/Forums/Nanowrimo/Networking

  1. Have you done nanowrimo or any variation of nanowrimo? Do you think it helped or hindered you? Do you plan on doing it in the future? Love them. Did the campnanowrimo and forgot to put in my finished numbers  I had it all too!

  1. Do you do writing sprints? Do you think they help? Yes and yes!

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