Sunday, March 31, 2013

Special Guest Sunday- Michaela Rhua

Hello everyone and Happy Easter!  Please help me welcome Michaela Rhua as she discusses how writing isn't for the faint hearted.


Writing isn't for the faint hearted.
Isn't it wonderful when you hear about a writer who has managed to get a submission accepted and now will be on the road to publication?
I must say, I celebrate each time when I hear of someone who has signed a contract, particularly if I know them in some way.
Doesn't it seem all smooth sailing? You have an idea, you spend time writing, improving, editing, redrafting. When it is all polished it is sent off and the wait begins. The publisher sees it and thinks it is fantastic, amazing and wants is desperately. Hey presto you have a contract.

Not for this author right here!
So far I have five published works to my name. Three stories are in Anthologies and two solo books. I am waiting on another submission as I write this. (so fingers crossed for that one too!) The three anthologies that I am in were sent as a complete anthology, not as submissions for a call. (The Eclipse of the Blood Moon, Wine and Nine and The Blood Bar Chronicles Book 3: The Enforcers) So I tend to think that my story was accepted as the other participants had fabulous stories that deserved to be out there. In a way I rode the crest of their wave – I know the others will hurl things at me for saying so!
The other two were rejected! (Guardian Awakening and Truth or Dare) NO, I hear you say! Surely such a talented writer could not have faced rejection! Oh yes I did! (says all this tongue firmly in cheek!)
Guardian Awakening came back with NO from one publisher. I cried in my red wine, then was kicked up the rear by my Critique Group, we blog as The Nuthouse Scribblers. I then sent it to another publisher who sent it back to me with a R & R (Revise and Resubmit). Breathless Press liked the bones of the story but it needed more work. I was fortunate that they gave me detailed feedback which I could work on. YAY! At least they LIKED it hey!
With Truth or Dare it was a straight NO! Then a R & R from another. Once I had re-worked it I was curious to know what the first publisher thought. So off it went and this time they said YES!
My new submission is the second book in the Guardian series. I have titled it Guardian Possession. It has already had a R & R, so it is with baited breathe that I await a response!
You see, writing is about having some sort of desire for creating stories. Then it is about trying to make that desire a reality – through hard work. You may be lucky to get accepted from the word go. Often, this is not the case. If you do get a Revise and Resubmit response, then get annoyed, cry on a friend's shoulder, get merry and think about telling where the publisher to go…then get on and do the revisions. Work at it, re-craft your story into something better, fill in the holes and add more to the scenes that need it, give it depth. It is worth it, honestly it is. I may not be world famous or rich –but I am writing when I can, I try to take on board the advice given, whether from fellow authors or editors and I will keep going. I will leave you with some key words.
Thick skin
Why not add to this list and tell me what else is important?

Guardian Awakening
Breathless Press:

Truth or Dare

Author Bio:Michaela Rhua Bio.
Michaela Rhua always dreamed of writing but this never happened until she met the lovely group of ladies known as UCW. Their passion for writing and encouragement inspired her to see if she could do it too. Now she loves writing!
She has teenage children and a husband, who also keep her busy. However, it is whilst travelling into work that she has time to create her characters and imagine other places in which they exist as her world skims by the window. Conversations overheard often lead to the birth of new ideas that she scribbles down in her trusty notebook.
Michaela is a multi-published author with Breathless Press, Evernight Publishing and a self-published anthology with authors from The Nuthouse Scribblers.

Find her here:

Wow, Michaela, those are some powerful words.  I'm actually writing them on a sticky note and they are going up on my inspiration board.    I have a pin board for inspiration that I can stare at when I'm writing.  That list needs to go up there.  I'm ending the list with "WRITE."  So after I'm inspired I go back to write! 


  1. Okay, first off *kick*
    Up the jacksy for thinking you're riding anyone's crest. Your stories are goooood, girl!

    I am so pleased you persevered when you got your R&R's, because they made the stories so much better in the end :-)

    I will add talent to that list, because a) you've got it in spades and b) without talent you're not going to get very far.

    Fab post!

    1. Ouch! *rubs rear*
      I agree, the R & R process made the stories stronger.

  2. Love your post Michaela, true grit, sounds like you have it in spades :) Your list is spot on. I have to add humility because rejection is a truly humbling experience. But then you just take up with that good ole perseverance and never give up on your dream. Thank you for sharing this post!

  3. I just recently started reading John Grisham novels. I read The Firm and it kept turning through all 400+ pages. I read up on his experience with contacting publishers and I think he had to contact 9 ... and the 9th one was because he wound up tying it to a film deal, too. But it sounded like the marketing took as much work for him as the writing. Dedication, marketing, vision ... ah, yes, you need to have vision as a writer ... to see the finished product and believe you'll be building an audience.

    1. Vision is a must otherwise you have nothing. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Support. I'm sure we would have all given up at some point if the other UCW ladies hadn't given us the encouragement to keep going.

    Oh and just are F A B U L O U S!!

  5. Without SUPPORT I would be nowhere! Ta Jorga x